Turning Archive 2006

Punky Maple Hollow Form

Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Here's something from the other end of the turning spectrum - other end from a nice clean cutting piece of figured walnut that is. :)

This is a piece of maple burl that got left out in the weather by accident. It is beautiful stuff, but boy was it a challenge to cut, and I am not sure I like the final product. I had to soak it real good with Minwax Wood Hardener to get it to cut well, and hollowing, while easy, left a very rough surface. I usually don't worry too much about that until I read about all of you concrete sequential people who actually sand the insides! What makes it worse? See below.

It is relatively easy to see inside, although not in this picture. It is rough rough rough, but there is not much I am going to do about it. Rough it is, and rough it is going to stay. This piece is fragile and I am not going to booger it all up with a sanding disk. I will just have to find a customer who doesn't know about the requirement to sand the insides. It is finished with Bush Oil, and I am trying to figure out what else might help it. There is some MWH from the soak that is making some of the points on the NE shiny, but I am not sure how to either buff them down or bring up the shine on the rest of the piece. Suggestions anyone?



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