Turning Archive 2006

OT..Dangerous Wildlife....

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>I live in a peaceful small town in Arizona....peaceful until now. In the past two weeks seven people have been bitten by coyotes. One on a golf course and rest were in their backyards. In all of those cases the coyote jumped over a fence or a wall, bit the person once, then left. Of course all of the people bitten are taking painful rabies shots. Fish and wildlife people have shot and killed several coyotes but none were infected with rabies. It is strongly suspected that people are feeding the coyotes, and of course, they lose their fear of humans.

I take a daily 2 mile walk in a desert park near my home. I haven't stopped doing that, but I'm thinking of packing a weapon, starting tomorrow.

A sometimes dangerous world we live in.


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