Turning Archive 2006

New World meets Old World *LINK* *PIC*

>I spent last month in South Africa for my field season (botanical research). Since 1999 I have been interacting with woodturners from the Western Cape Woodturners Association, and this year was no different. It was great to see my friends there and to spend time with them over the course of three Wednesday evenings plus a few other social opportunities. In particular, I've been privileged to become friends with Dennis and Gigi Laidler. This past month we spent a lot of time together for woodturning related stuff, but also to hike and spend time in some mountains. I invite you to browse through my blog and Dennis' blog to see pics and read about our adventures this past month.

Andi's pics and blog postings at:



Dennis' pics and blog postings at:


Both of us posted a lot of potential WC sightings pics. For the past two weeks Ellis has been running some of them here. You can add frames to see the current one for this week.

My favorite blog entries are from our hike up Table Mountain and the backpacking trip to the Hex River Mountains to do some collecting on Milner Peak Ridge. To whet your appetite, I'll post my "sightings" composition from Milner Ridge.

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