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Pair of Splatter Bowls PICS

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I'm experimenting a bit more with some "splatter" bowls. I find I really like this technique and will do more like it. These two are companion pieces. One is ash and the other maple. they are both about 6.5 inches across and 3 inches high. The painted surface is left unfinished in both cases, but the wood surfaces are oiled with Tried and True and then waxed with the Beall Carnumba wax wheel. I like the grain pattern in the ash. It was a kiln dried piece of wood, so I just got lucky with the grain orientation.

The dark looks a little blueish in the pictures, but it is flat black. The white is a gloss for an interesting contrast. They both looked very interesting spinning with the white on black!

Curious as to what people think. Comments and critiques are alwasy welcome. I've a tough skin, let me know!

First pic is both bowls, maple on the left, ash on the right.

Next is a view looking straight down into the bowls. I like how your eye is not drawn to the center of the maple bowl. Gives it a bottomless look, to me.

Here's a side shot of the maple one.

And finally a side shot of the ash. The rim turned out well, I think.

Thanks for taking a peek.


Splatter all around in Apex, NC!

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