Turning Archive 2006

Do you sand the inside of your hollowforms?

Devon Palmer
>I'm sure replies will be riddled with "depends"... but..

I'm getting ready to tear into 12-15 18"x12" ambrosia maple cyliders I roughed out early this year and set aside to lose a little bit of moisture and maybe even spalt. I don't mind sanding any more as it feels like I've cut my sanding to 25% of what it used to be with a better end result. I have to say tho, the thought of sanding through a teeny 2-3 inch hole, a foot to foot and a half deep seems more painful that mounting a 3x3 square blank between centers, placing my forehead on it and turning on the lathe. <>

How many of y'all sand inside your hollowforms? What factors determine your decision to sand or not?

- Devo

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