Turning Archive 2006

Splash! The plunge

David Breth
>I caved in to a new lathe over the weekend. Well, new to me anyway. Last week I missed a Jet 1236 that was unused in the box for $300. That planted a "gotta upgrade from the mini now" bug in me, and I found another 1236 for $325 that was pretty lightly used (made in '98). The benefit in this unit versus the other is that I was able to verify that all was in working order, and that the tail and headstock lined up - dead on. Plus, I bought something in an antique store two weeks ago for $18, and sold it on Ebay for a little over $100 to help with the lathe, meaning that I've got $240 in the lathe rather than $325.

I don't know how I did it without killing myself, but I got it in the basement and set up last night. Basically, I tried to take it slow, and allowed objects other than me to bear the brunt of leverage. Next will be to figure out how to arrange the dust collector to support between centers and outboard headstock positions....

It is decision time with respect to my mini (a Fische). Keep or sell. I'm thinking sell because of space (very small shop), plus what would I need it for at this point? There's no reason I couldn't do small work on this larger lathe (such as pens), is there?

David B.

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