Turning Archive 2006

Combined Disciplines - Turning and Weaving

Chip in Plano
>My mom is an expert basketweaver and she is really interested in doing a mother-son piece combining her talent with my turning. I'm looking for pictures to share. I have turned a few lids for some baskets but she wants a really integrated piece where her reed interacts with the turned wood(s). I cannot settle on a bowl with weaving or a basket with turning or something artistic and eclectic. I've not done anything artistic intentionally so I'm leaning that way. Throw in some carving/burning adornments. Another first for me. I wish I had a bunch of AAW issues to look at. The local library doesn't carry it either.

This seems to be theme for her. She had me join her in a booth at a Craft sale. It was my first. I made money (5x booth cost). But really only sold a few pieces. All the odd/funky stuff sold: 4" Madhong HF, 10" spalted rim red oak natural edge, etc. None of the utility pieces sold at all. I guess they were too boring.

It was a nice experience. I hope the combined effort will be too.

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