Turning Archive 2006

Gals having fun *PIC*

Carole Valentine
>This week I had the pleasure of getting together with Barb and Ruth at Barb's house in Remlik for a few days of turning and gab. What a great time! It is just so great to get together with other gals who have the same interests. I think we all learned something from each other. Of course Dan was there playing gracious host and he spoiled us rotten with his gourmet cooking...Venison tenderloin (served with Barb's incredibly good brown rice and a great salad that Ruth put together), She-crab soup, BBQ, a wonderful Thai dish of curried chicken, molasses ginger bread with lemon hard sauce...all just wonderful! And of course there were cocktails and the most incredible crab dip and fresh roasted peanuts to prime us for these wonderful meals. :)
Unfortunately, Ruth had to leave on Tuesday, so Tuesday morning we headed down to Barb's sawmill where we loaded up our cars with walnut, cherry and other goodies. About mid-day, it was threatening to rain so we grabbed Barb's chainsaw and headed across the field where I had spied some downed sycamore trees. Barb made short work of one tree with her Stihl and we tool some pieces back to the mill where she slabbed it. The mill is really neat. I want one! It sure was a fun time and we have decided that we need to do it more often. Next time it's my house. Thanks for a wonderful time, Barb! I will post a few pics below.

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