Turning Archive 2006

Craftsman Elec Saw - Worked great for about 10 min

Gary Ratajczak
>Hello all!

Looking for a few tips. I bought a 16" Craftsman electric chainsaw a short time back, and finally got a chance to try. Just doing small turnings for now, and no budget yet for a Stihl.

I built a small saw buck to hold my maple logs, and chunked up two 10" diameter x 18" logs. All was well.

I proceeded to halve the logs (with the grain cut), and made it through two chunks. One the next cut - no go - the gear was stripped. Chain would not turn.

After looking things over, it looks like the long shavings made when you do a with the grain cut just don't eject well. Looks like the back side blade cover prevents them from coming out well, jams the chain, and caused me to strip the gear.

So - still under warranty (purchased extended also). I'm covered, but was wondering if anybody has run into this.

Seems to me that the guard needs some material removed at the bottom to allow better exit of the long shavings.


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