Turning Archive 2006

Hard Maple *PIC*

David Breth
>I thought it was time I shared something - haven't posted photos in ages. Most of you turned bowl #35 a long, long time ago, I turned mine a few weeks ago. This hard maple was part of a find at a local wood-dump area. I knew it would split when I was turning it, but I was curious how much, and whether or not I could preserve the turning.

It turned well enough on the bottom, but when I flipped it and started hogging out material from the inside, the split started to give way. Necessity mothered some invention. I used plastic tie-wraps (zip strips) around the exterior of the bowl to keep it from blowing apart, and then removed material from thh inside. I was pretty careful, because the whole operation was pretty delicate. I like the results a lot. This is my current favorite bowl (of mine).

I think of it as a "two-faced" bowl. On one side of the split, where the bugs got after it, is very dead looking. The other side of the split is really vibrant, at least I think so. My terminology isn't great, but I think there is some feathering in there. Photos aren't terrific, but I think you'll get the idea from them. Finish is Minwax Antique Oil Finish, not sure how many coats. A few.

David B.

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