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Turning Again!!!

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>Have been unable to hold/control hollowing tools for some time because of a strange nerve condition in my left shoulder that causes my left arm to go numb with little warning. Turning seemed to aggrevate the issue, especially when hollowing.

Looked at a number of controlled hollowing rigs, but finally decided to design my own. Got it in from the welding shop on Sunday, and have been cleaning up the roughs and such. It's loosely based on the Jamieson set-up, but the 36" capturing rest slides through a clamp on a tool post. This gives 60" of travel along that rear rest and allows for very low angles for entry into a form. The tool holder takes up to a 1" boring bar that's tapered at the tip and drilled to take 1/4" HHS and/or Cobalt cutter bits or 3/8" rod bitholders for bent applications. I can use 3/4" tools with a bushing, and also made a 1"x5" adapter that will hold either 1/2" or 3/8" tool shafts for smaller openings and pieces.

Have some laser pointers on order, but found an el Cheapo mini laser level in the tool box and slaped it on last night to play. Took me all of an hour to hollow most of a 10x6 dry spalted maple jar using my John Jordan hollowers.

Very different from working with a long tool handle "by hand", but I can live with that. And the best thing is it didn't bother my shoulder at all! |;-}}}

When I get the final details done, I'll post a pic or two.

It's good to be making wood dust again!!!

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