Turning Archive 2006

Unexpected Surprise! *PIC*

Thomas Skaggs, Foothills of Mount Level
>A few months ago I decided to try my luck at entering my work for the 2007 NICHE Awards. I entered a coffee table and the silver chest in the furniture category. But I saw that artists could enter up to 3 pieces so I tossed in a turned project in the turning category, just on a lark.

So yesterday I get a call from home that a package from NICHE arrived. Well by golly I am a finalist!! But here is the weird part...I am a finalist in the turning category!? OK, I had kind of pinned my hopes on my furniture entries but I am thrilled that the turning piece was selected.

I bet I only turn maybe 3 things a year. Yes, I like this piece but I wasn't sure I would become a finalist for a NICHE Award for it. How cool is that? :-)


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