Turning Archive 2006

Just one pen, don't need the shield...

Joe Pack
>I rarely post on this board because I don't feel qualified, but I really need to write about this incident.

I have a craft show this coming weekend. I have a good stock of pens, key chains, etc. on hand, but, thanks to a VERY good customer who bought 11 Sierra pens last weekend, I needed to turn a dozen or so for this weekend. I had the blanks cut and epoxied, just needing to quickly turn them and press them together. I figured I could do the dozen in thirty minutes or so, and they were just small things. I really didn't feel like wearing the face shield, and I already had my safety glasses on from sanding/squaring the ends, so I mounted two blanks and fired up the lathe.

Just as I was about to put the gouge to the first blank, I had second thoughts. "Put on your face shield, stupid! You know better!" "Okay," says I, "I'll do it, but I ain't happy about it."

Back to the lathe. Touch the gouge to the first blank, getting in a hurry because I am tired and want to just hog off the material and get it done. BOOM!!! The little 3" blank came apart along an unseen crack, with splinters flying everywhere, peppering my face mask and arms. Sharp little suckers, I found out.

Maybe the safety glasses would have protected my eyes...maybe not. I just know that I won't be likely to find out again. The face shield is a given, now. If I'm too tired to wear it, I'm too tired to be turning. I'll go take a nap.

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