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Carpenter Ant question

David Breth
>Last night I brought home a couple pieces of box elder that had some smallish holes right around the pith (same wood I posted about earlier, but I did get a couple of checked pieces home last night). I got the chainsaw working at noon time today, and went back to get the rest of the wood from the stump. Got one piece in the trunk, one in the front seat. Holes in the pith were larger here, maybe 3/8". As I drove away, out popped a carpenter ant, whom I squished, and shortly after, out came another, whom I also squished. I then went directly to the dump, and disposed of both pieces of wood.

Then I drove home and put the two checked pieces I had from the before into a plastic garbage can. One of these was in my garage overnight, the other was immediately outside the garage. I pretty much store all my drying wood in the garage on racks, but these happened to be on the ground (concrete).

The pieces that I had overnight showed less sign of ant damage than the ones I acquired today (the hole in the middle was much smaller). On the pieces acquird today, you could almost see all the way through to daylight, on the ones last night, you really can't see through but you can see the presence of the hole at both ends.

So, my question is, what is the chance that I just introduced some friends to my house? Are carpenter ants the kind of guy that lives for awhile then croaks, and in the absence of a queen an individual isn't that big a deal, or is the situation more that an individual will live fifty years and will immediately get into everything?

I know precious little about these friends, and consequently try to be very, very careful about it. I didn't recognize these holes for what they were until adam ant came popping out to look around, which wasn't brilliant in retrospect.

Thanks -

David B.

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