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Why am I a good comedian timing that's why

David Breth
>My wife came home from a meeting on Saturday and I learned that I had been roped into a bowl giveaway. Somebody lost a maple tree in our recent storm, can I make some bowls, etc. Yeah, ok. So I went out Sunday with the chainsaw, cut out some blanks, and on the way home, decided to swing by what was left of a deadfall from the recent storm. This lot has two of the older trees in town on it, or rather it did. The house was removed a year or so ago, leaving these two trees, one of which is now a stump given the storm. I walked up Sunday, and to my surprise, there was highly figured Box Elder.

There was a police officer very nearby. I confirmed with him that he wasn't going to run after me with the handcuffs if I cut off a section, then went to work. Sliced off the checked end, then started on a more difficult cut to get a section of trunk (Not a lot of wood or space to work with). Got about 3/4 of the way through when the chainsaw expired. I could tell by the way it ceased that the chainsaw was done for the day.

No idea when I can get back there, but the wood will probably be checked out by the time I do. Not sure what the deal with the chainsaw is I'll have to look at it. Just venting.

It grows on trees, it grows on trees, it grows on trees.....

David B.

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Why am I a good comedian timing that's why
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