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The Day After *PIC*

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.

Yesterday was the Christmas Craft show held annually at a local high school.

It was a fun day, the school uses the craft sale registration each year to help support a local cause, this year it was the Children’s Hospital in Toronto. Teachers and students help to support the logistics of the show, they even help you set up your table, carry your things in and out to your car...and provide restroom breaks if you need them.

This show is a great way to feel like Christmas is coming as well, students from the school roam the show singing Christmas carols.

I enjoyed the show, speaking with people, seeing people I know and meeting others who just want to say hi and like looking over what I make. I especially enjoyed speaking with the students, they were great, some were very interested in how to make pens and also wood working, I saw a few Lights Go ON!

Anyway, this was my table, I have been at this show (It’s juried) now for two years…..I’ll be back for a third, it was a lot of fun.

Take care,

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