Turning Archive 2006

Whats your "dream setup"?

Devon Palmer
>Since the season of "giving" is coming up, I thought self indulgence would be a good topic of discussion :)

If you had $25,000 (or a little more) to spend in your shop, how would you spend it?

My toylist would include:

2436 Oneway w/ 3hp, SS ways
+ Bed Extension (maybe, have always been interested in Columns)
+ Large Outboard turning bed, tailstock riser and large banjo

Central Cyclone Dust Collection
Sawstop Circular saw (5hp, arr arrr arr arrr)
24" Powermatic Bandsaw
37" Supermax drum Sander
Turbinair HVLP sprayer
Extra chucks
4 Jet mini lathes for developing a turning program for "at risk" kids (kinda a dream of mine, hopefully before retirement in 30 years)

Prolly more than 25k by the time you get the right accessories, like the right blades, etc. But hey, gotta do it right. If there was money left over, would travel and take classes from Alan Batty, Hans Weissflog, Mike Darlow, and Dale Nish for starters.

- Devon Palmer, Columbus Ohio

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