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Powermatic 4224 Problems. HELP

OB OBrien
>Hi you all; A friend of mine has a Powermatic 4224. The drive pulley on the spindle came loose and caused the belts to misalign. He attempted to fix it by loosening the set screws and driving the spindle left to right in order to slip the pulley off the spindle. It didn't work, it's jammed tight and he can't drive it back out right to left now. He apparently didn't realize their was a key in
the keyway,and I think it's jammed in tight now.
Can some one familiar with a powermatic tell me how to get this stuck spindle driven out so the pulley can be properly pressed off or back to the correct position. Will it come out from either direction or does it have to have a specific direction to remove it. I'm out of town so haven't seen it yet. He has asked me to come help when I get home Sunday afternoon. So I don't really know what to expect. Thanks in advance. OB

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