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T Daniel
>some fact and some guessing here:

I have bought and sold about 60 of the Milwaukee close quarter drills. This is what I think has happened: a number of them were assembled with poor quality Chinese bearings and these were either made to sell on ebay or were liquidated on ebay; I am not certain which. If you get one of these just replace the bearings with higher quality bearings, preferrably sealed instead of shielded and you will be ok. The main bearing that gives trouble is the one next to the fan as dust gets blown into it. You can buy a sealed Chinese bearing from Enco for about $3 each or you can get a much better bearing from a bearing company for about $10 each. I have had very good luck with these drills after replacing the bearing with a higher quality sealed one. If you wait too long to replace the bearing the plastic that supports the bearing will get hot and melt and the new bearing will do no good.

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