Turning Archive 2006

Free Video *LINK*

Darrell Feltmate
>Hi all.
I think this is shameless advertising assuming you can advertise omething free?
I put a page on the site for a free video of turning a mushroom for the garden. You could use it inside if you like 11" mushrooms indoors but it fits the garden better, or so says my wife and she ought to know :-) It downloads as an iso file and gets burned onto a CD so you need a CD burner to use it. If you do not have burning and playing software I have included links to some excellent freeware programs and full instructions for burning the CD. Warning, this is only a 25 or 30 minute video but with my high speed cable it still takes an hour to download. It plays on my DVD player but I am not sure about all.
Hope you like it. It is fun playing with the camera.

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