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last chance for secret santa

Ernie Miller
>It is time to start organizing the Secret Santa game again this year. Every year it grows and grows so this year there will be a couple changes. We are going to divide the drawing up by boards as some of the tools and techniques donít match well.

The general principal is to place your name in a pot one for each of the three main boards: Turning, Power Tools, and Hand Tools. Then the names are drawn and assigned to each person. Then you purchase a gift for that person with a value of $20~ and send it to them anonymously as Central Santa. You will also get a message for Central Santa from your anonymous Santa. Then you tell every one what you got in an E-mail chain and we all try and guess who sent you your present. Every thing is conducted off the boards to keep the people who do not sign up from feeling left out as we have done in the past. The best part of the game is enjoying the Holiday with some really great friends. And you get some little goody to boot.

Andy Lincoln has agreed to help me with the organization this year by helping me keep track of who is in which pot and who has drawn whose name and what they received.

We need to have you e-mail me your name address and which pot you wish to be in Turning, Power Tool or Hand Tool. If you wish to be in more than one pot that will be ok but remember that you will have to send out a gift for every pot you are in. I will need your e-mail and address no later than November 3,2006 to be in this yearís game. We will try and get you the name of the person whom you drew by the end of the following week. Please do not mail any gifts until after Thanksgiving Nov. 23 and have them to there recipients by Dec 17 as a lot of people are not home over the holidays and we do not want there gift disappearing off their front porch.
Please e-mail you entry to me at erniem2u@joimail.com or erniem@ksdot.org
Please send an e-mail address that is convenient for you to receive a lot of e-mail as the announcements, gloating, speculating, and jolliness requires LOTS of e-mail!!

If you have any questions you can ask me at the address above or Andy Lincoln at alinc@comcast.net or alinc100@gmail.com

All boards will be combined in to one large e-mail list so every one can reply to all and see who is getting what. And listen to Tommyís prayers for a new multi-thousand $ gift. Or some sick made up song or poem. Or just plane general fun

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