Turning Archive 2006

OT what I do for a living *PIC*

John Lucas
>I am a photographer for Tennessee Tech University. We have an excellent art department so when I'm not shooting headshots, sports, grip and grins and other junk I get to shoot artwork. Unfortunately I haven't done any wood lately. I think I get to shoot a desk on Friday, more ceramics today and a theater headshot.

Anyway this is sample of what I do. I get to shoot art work almost everyday now because many of our graduates have stayed in the area to become successful artists. This is Nancy Jacobsohn. She makes the most interesting pieces. This is about how older people live for thier animals. There will be 2 more pieces to go with this. In the next one the lady is much smaller and in the last one there will only be the cat and the lady's shoes. I look forward to shooting those.

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