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My first Scoop *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

Here's my first attempt at turning a scoop. I'm actually a little surprised at how much work went into something so easy looking! It's like turning a goblet, complete with deep hollowing the "vessel" portion.

Since this was my first, I used whatever wood I had on hand. I ending up using a 3" sq x 8" long piece of walnut I had laying around.

I sanded it to 320 grit on the lathe, bandsawed out the profile, and then cleaned up the cuts on my belt/disc sander. Then I just hand sanded the entire thing to 400 grit. I probably could have stopped at 220. But I just couldn't bring myself to! Weird, eh?

The finish is several coats of Mineral Oil followed by buffing with Tripoli Compound, then a coat of bee's wax, and more buffing.

I initially turned this scoop in preparation for making one for my Mom. When I showed it to my wife she said, "This one's for me, right?". And without batting an eyelash I said, "Yes. Yes it is." :>)

I think the next scoop I turn will be longer and deeper in the "scoop" portion. But Iguess it depends on what you want to use it for. My Mom wants it for flour, sugar, and other baking goods.

I'd also like to ask a "procedural" question about hollowing scoops like this.

After turning the exterior profile of the scoop portion between centers, I turned a tenon on the "handle" end. I removed the spur center and replaced it with my talon chuck. After it was installed in my chuck, I started to hollow it. Or tried to. I ended up getting a slight catch and knocking it off center. At that point I broke out the steady rest and hollowed the remainder of the scoop. After I finished the hollowing, I removed the steady rest and sanded the scoop interior. I then brought my tailstock up and used a wooden bull nose (with a piece of 400 grit sandpaper wedged between) on my live center to hold it in place while I turned the handle.

Does this sound like too much work? Or am I doing it correctly?

Thanks for viewing

See ya around,

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