Turning Archive 2006

Skew discussion

john lucas
>I had a discussion with another club member last night and thought wit would be interesting here. What kind of skew do you have, oval, flat, how thick, high wide. Do you prefer curved or straight edge and why. How do you sharpen and how sharp.

My favorite skew is a 1" oval with a straight edge. It doesn't have to be oval my rectangular skew works just as well except it's high carbon steel so I don't use it as much as my HSS oval skew. I sharpen on the grinder to a hollow grind and then finish sharpening with diamond hones up to 1200 grit and then I use a strop. I think the skew works better when it's sharp enough to shave hair. In reality I don't usually keep it that sharp but shoot for that.

So what do you all use?

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