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It was funny at first, but now

David Breth
>It just ticks me off.

Say I mount a blank to the face place, turn it to the desired shape, leave a tenon or a recess, sand it, flip it to mount on a chuck (in my caes a Oneway Talon).

At this point, something bad frequently happens. I'm very careful to place the tenon/recess squarely in the chuck, but more often than not, when I get the lathe turned back on, I'm no longer spinning round. Sometimes I get a little wobble, sometimes a lot.

I'm assuming the problem is sourced from one or more of the following:
1) The end grain/side grain are being compressed at different rates by the chuck, and therefore I get a little wobble.
2) I'm using a soft wood - yeah, sometimes, but last night it was hard maple, and it was pretty hard and the same thing happened.
3) I'm using a tenon or recess that is a little small for the piece (or the chuck).
4) Sometimes it might not be wobble, but could be that the side grain sanded more than the end grain when I was mounted to the faceplate, and it gives the appearance of wobble. That's more a question than a statement.

I'm also assuming I'm not the only turner in the world who was ever frustrated by this (after all, you go to all that trouble to make it round and smooth and everything nice, and then....). I'm hoping somebody can help me understand the cause of this problem, and can suggest ways to overcome it.

Thanks -
David B.

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