Turning Archive 2006

Your ideas for a beginner's woodturning class.

>(also posted to rec.crafts.woodturning)

I'm designing a course for some local beginners and I need a series of teaching handouts. I thought to avoid composing my own. There is a book designed for a one week course, "Woodturning tools, Techniques and Projects" ($24.99 at C.S.) by Penta & Leland that includes some handouts. Any of you used it or have an opinion re its worth? Maybe you can suggest some other teaching manuals?

I will reference the excellent instructive web sites of Darrell Feltmate and Brian Clifford, but I hope to find a reasonably complete formatted beginners's course with handouts. Would some of you here be wiling to post some of your teaching handouts and/or a course outline with permission for us to copy?

My 'course' will probably be 4 to 5 half days or evenings for true beginners. They sure will appreciate your keeping me from ruining their hopes for a bright future in woodturning, so TIA! :)

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