Turning Archive 2006

Teaching turning sort of long

Leslie S
>I spent the best part of Saturday with my nephew who is 12. He has a mild form of Tourettes that sometime keeps him from focusing on anything for long. He turned two pens (the second entirely by himself) and never lost interest or had an outburst. He hummed (literally) his way through the second pen and danced when he saw the English walnut come to life when he put the finish on. The best part for me was that he is keeping the first one for himself and the second one for his best friend. I am so proud (as is he) of him. He was over the moon when the first pen got pressed together. The next thing he want to make is an angle for his mother for Christmas. (any suggestions or ideas on that one would be greatly appreciated) We have a Saturday a month set aside for this. He remembered and followed every safety rule we went over and corrected me when I forgot to replace my dust mask. We didn't get pictures as he wouldn't let go of the pens long enough for me to take them. His last words as I dropped him off at his home were, "I can't wait for next month" His Dad dies when he was a baby and I want to take him to the c=local turning club to see waht he thinks, he says he can't wait.

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