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Tail Stock, Rockwell Lathe

HeatherA in Alaska
>Hello, I finally got some lathe time in this week on my new (old) Rockwell lathe (46-450). I reluctantly pulled up the tail stock (with the new Oneway live center) to the spur center. I say reluctantly because I had forgotten to do this before I bought it and was afraid they would not line up. I was VERY happy when as Jimmy Clewes said they were "spot on". My issue is with getting accessories out of the morse taper on the tail stock. I had to dismantle it to get the oneway out, take out the tailstock, put in a rod (aka drill bit) that fit and knock out the center. I am used to my Jet mini that is self ejecting. Am I missing something? Can I make some cylinder to fit into the tailstock assembly that would make it self ejecting? As it is now, the spindle bottoms out before it hits the center end.


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