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My First Pen, 7 Years Past

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.
>My First Pen, 7 Years Past


I thought Id post this pen today, I found it this morning in my tool box...it was my first pen I turned alone, 7 years ago.

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Its not pretty, the hardware is fitted poorly and the clip has broken off, the wood is unfinished, split in one place and the twist function no longer works.

Bill Grumbine showed me how to turn a pen all those years ago back in his shop in Easton Pa, how time has flown since those early days. I remember him telling me to be careful, it can become an addiction...RIGHT!!!

I remember someone telling me once that we should always keep our first turning, I have in this pen and also my first bowl. Its something we should all keep , Our first one, its nice to see where we start and where we are today

Critiques are welcome!!

Take care,

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