Turning Archive 2006

Shop Tours; EVERY shop!

Ruth Niles
>For the past 2 days I've been looking at the Shop Tours here on WC; I just finished the last and looked at every single one! Looking for ideas for my shop, it helps to see actual layouts, storage, wall usage, etc.

Check out Moses Yoder's tool cabinets; this man has class!

I love Walt Segl's windows and want them in my shop.

Jim Shaver, in the first picture, is that your alternate mode of transportation in front of your shop?!?

Most are white, I mean really white and bright.

Some are cleaner than my livingroom. A lot are not.

One is in a cellar just like my first workshop only my ceiling was 5'8", dirt floor and laid up field stone foundation with a single light bulb over my Craftsman monotube lathe.

I noticed there were only 3 maybe 4 shops of woodturners. Come on guys, let's get some pics of your workshops over there. You don't want the flat workers to think they're the only ones who have great shops!

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