Turning Archive 2006

Cutting square to round shoulder cut?

>I am a newbie to turning, and I am trying to turn some legs that are 4 1/2" square stock, leaving the ends of the legs as square stock. My question is what is the best way to cut the transition from the square to round shoulder, minimizing the tearout?

I was able to take a parting tool to cut in fairly clean, but how to do I cut a rounded corner at the shoulder without tearing it out, to transition from the turned area to the square end?

I am not sure if I am describing this correctly, so I apologize if I am not. I was thinking that worse case I could make my shoulder cut with the parting tool, and then manually chisel away the square shoulder corners to give the transition to the turned area if I had to.

I appreciate any help or advice on this that anyone can provide!

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