Turning Archive 2006

Al Crandall's hollowing rig

Carol from AZ
>I have spent some time this evening sorting out all the hollowing rig information and studying pictures.

Over on the Articles, Al wrote about his rig. I looked at the picture of his rig from the Indy gathering and found lots of closeups on the "other" forum. That has been very helpful. I have also looked at the commercial system and I will offer the information to Bill. It is his lathe and he will have to decide how much money he wants to spend getting it to work, and then getting it to work for him.

To continue the information gathering, I have some questions, and I hope my terminology will not be too confusing.

A round tool bar is inserted into the pipe nipple on the "D" handle of Al's rig. Does that mean the toolbar can rotate? If so, then it would have to rotate so the cutter meets the wood at the optimal angle. And then tightened at that rotation angle? Would a perpendicular handle bar welded to the toolbar be instrusive? Would it be better if it were clamped so it could slide and rotate on the tool bar?

Thanks all for helping out here. If this all works, I'm bringing my gouges back with me after Christmas. WooHoo!

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