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Protect your Shop against Water Heater Leaks *LINK* *PIC*

Andy DiPietro
>Here is a good safety valve to protect your shop or house against Hot Water Heater leaks. I have a full basement woodworking/woodturning shop. I was concerned that my hot water heater was old and would rupture when I was at work. So I installed a new water heater with a drip pan and a WAGS valve. The WAGS (Water and Gas shutoff Valve) is cheap insurance to protect your house and/or shop. Check out the link. I paid $150.00 at a plumbing supply house. The valve sits in the drip pan with the inlet cold water piped thru it. If the heater leaks and fills the pan the valve will close and shut off the water. There is a jumper wire from the valve to the gas thermostat that opens up when the valve opens. Hence it shuts off the gas too. Check out the website for a better explanation.

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