Turning Archive 2006

Gloat and advice (kind of long)

Jim Rutten
>At this years auction for Kansas City Woodturners I won a gift certificate for an arrowmont class next fall (first part of gloat). My wife and I were talking about it and she suggested (eat your hearts out you other guys) that I go to a class this spring to "test the waters" (second part of the gloat). I got into Bonnie Klein's stool and box making class (third part of the gloat) and hence the need for advice. If you were me what would you practice between now and then so I didn't slow down the rest of the class? I was thinking about taking a box making class at woodcraft. Is this a good idea? I have made a couple of boxes that turned out all right but wouldn't call myself skilled at it. We will probably drive there. Anything special I should know about Arrowmont? Gatlinburg? Have any of you taken classes with Bonnie before? How is she as an instructor? I have just loved her presentations at the AAW symposium. Anything else you can think to tell me?

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