Turning Archive 2006

hollowing rigs - different application

Carol from AZ
>And a gloat. Today I met a guy who offered to let me use his lathe! There are few 'issues.'

But I think the collective wisdom on this board can help me out. His lathe is a Delta something, he thinks. Old, he said. Has, maybe, if he remembers right, a 'tail stock problem.'

He cannot use it as is, not because it needs work, but because he only has the use of one hand and arm - his right.

Could a hollowing rig to manage the cutter allow him to use his lathe?

If so, will you all help me with details, dimensions, pictures, a zillion questions, etc? I am a pretty good jig builder for flat work, but I don't yet understand the dynamics here.

One last thing, he has a friend who is a retired machinist and he knows where to find a welder.

So if I help him find a way to use his lathe himself, I get to use it as well. In all honesty, he will probably let me use it anyway, but the spirit of turners is to help one another. If I am to be a turner, then I will embrace the same spirit.

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