Turning Archive 2006

Shallow Black Cherry Bowl *PIC*

Mike Brazeau
>This bowl is 14" in diameter by 3" high with textured rim and double beads on the rim. Sanded to 400 and finished with Walnut Oil followed by Beeswax/Mineral oil finish. This is one of two bowls I am contributing for a Nov. 11th Gala and Silent Auction in our community fight against a proposed quarry on the Western edge of the Niagara Escarpment www.stopthequarry.ca The tree had been cut along the concession road in our area in 2003. The rim work was accomplished first using the coarsest Sorby Spiraling Wheel on an angle to texture and then creating the beads using my homemade (from a shock absorber shaft) triple point tool. The texturing was lightly sanded on the lathe. I love that tool. It is a delight to use and rarely leads to the trouble Mr. Skew creates. I was able after my wife's insistence, to even undercut the bead on the interior edge quite deeply. Comments/critique welcome.

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