Turning Archive 2006

Selling Chat report from last night

Carol from AZ
>First time I was on the turning chat, or at least, it has been some time! Personal thanks to all who participated.

I have a multiple monitor set-up with my computer, so I was taking notes on another screen recording the suggestions given and possible markets for those items. Now before you all ask for a copy of my notes, understand that I highly edited them so that it might be more relevant to my market in my area. My market is one I know how to reach, how they make their buying decisons and how much they will spent. That will change with the area you are in or want to be in. Other than that, marketing skills are necessary as is marketing effort. They are the same everywhere.

Important thing to remember, is selling takes time, money, and energy. You can get someone else to do the labor of selling for you. That is called a commission (one you pay OUT, not get paid for! :) Ain't no free lunch, my friends.

I thought we stayed pretty much on topic for the specified time. The accomplished turners were very gracious to us newbies. Thank you.
As an example, Wally got into his first gallery by entering a wood show.

I won't try to speak for the others, but I had a grand time. Very informative, for me.

Thanks all, and thanks, TD. Get your shop done, work through your backload, and don't be a stranger.

TD is hanging up his moderator spurs for a while. So who is jumping into the fray? Boss got anybody yet?

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