Turning Archive 2006

Demo streak ends at 1,764 demos

Steven Russell
>Hello to the group,

Over the last ten years, I have performed 1,764 woodturning demonstrations in various cities across the U.S. Everytime I think about that number, it blows me away. I always recieved more than I was ever able to give in my demonstrations and I would like to personally thank all of those who stopped by to see one of my demos.

Meeting thousands of woodturners every year and sharing our combined experiences about woodturning, is what makes our hobby/profession so great. In so many other of the art mediums I'm associated with, this kind of open sharing is the exception and not the rule.

Since my travel and demonstration schedule is lighter now, it may take a while for me to reach my current goal of 2,000 demonstrations. But reach it I will and when I do, I guess I'll just have to make a new goal of 3,000 demos... :-) Take care and best wishes to all of you in all of your woodturning endeavours!

Steven Russell

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