Turning Archive 2006

Tip for bandsaw table rust

Andy Blackwell
>I'm sure this has been posted in the past but I haven't seen it. I have a 20X24" table on my bandsaw that was constantly getting rust on it because I did not clean the wet sawdust off each night. Two years ago I purchased a 3oz bottle of Birchwood/Casey Super Blue used in bluing gun barrels. I followed the directions for application and applied four coats, then rubbed it down with gunoil and let it cure overnight. Happy days. I haven't had any rust on the top since and have left it piled with sawdust on many occasions because of the senior moments that I seem to have more frequently these days.

Now, if someone could tell me how to keep the sawdust buildup off the blade I'd be a really happy camper.

Oh, the top is machined cast iron.

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