Turning Archive 2006

Tonight's Topic...Different Strokes.....

T Daniel
>Each of us have different goals, different markets, different skill levels, different backgrounds and certainly different opinions. We are all turners but there is a major difference between those of us who turn for entertainment and those of us who turn to pay the bills or are trying to learn to turn so that at sometime in the future they can earn all or part of their living with turning. There is nothing at all wrong with "finding your own voice", "pushing the limits", experimenting with new techniques, etc. Should I repeat that? Does everyone understand that I am NOT bashing anyone who is attempting to do any or all of those things? On the other hand, there are many who come to WC to learn what they can do to make some bucks with their turnings. We are talking starting points here and I acknowledge emphatically that there are a few who have reached a level with their own style that allows them to sell their items at a high enough price to justify the time they have put into each piece; however, this group is in the minority and most of us will never get there. Tonight, we will spend some time discussing local markets, what sells, where to sell it, how to go from craft shows to art shows, etc. If you are interested in turning for a profit please join us tonight; if you have no interest in selling your work and don't have to account for the time you spend on a piece then tonight will be a boring night for you.
Thanks all
Terry Daniel

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