Turning Archive 2006

Modified my hollowing rig already.

Allen Neighbors
>I tried out my new hollowing rig on a small hollowform, and it worked very well. Then I put on a larger piece of wood, shaped it with a lower profile and larger diameter, and right in the middle of turning, had to stop and make a modification.
The restraining bars, at 21 inches, were too short to allow me to swing the tool holder far enough toward the offside, to get the cutter all the way to the desired outer wall thickness of the lower profiled HF.
I made new bars, 40 inches long, which gives me 37.5 inches of travel. Now, it works. :o)
Larry Zarra suggested this to me the other day on another forum... should have paid attention, huh?! :o)
Just wanted to post this, so maybe I could save someone else some problems.

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