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Batty Gouge Grind Question

David Propst, Valdese, NC
>I just got home from day one of a two day, ten person class with Stuart Batty. It was a great day, if I can only remember everything I learned. To start the day I cut beads and coves without catches which for me was probably a first!

In the afternoon we moved to the bowl gouge and I finally get the difference between the push and pull cut techniques with a bowl gouge and why his 40 degree grind makes the difference. I was getting a finish on crappy wet poplar that was very, very nice. Much more will be learned tomorrow I am sure.

My one concern with what I learned today is that Stuart says the all-around 40 degree grind has to be ground by hand, no jig can replicate it. I lost more metal off my prized Glaser 3/8 bowl gouge today trying to get a good grind on it than I have taken off it in a year on the Tormek. (A cheaper gouge will be used tomorrow.)

My question is have any of you who are familiar with this grind had any success duplicating it with a jig (i.e. Wolverine or Tormek).



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