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john lucas
>I got to visit them today. I was very impressed. Not with the showroom, I think they are primarily marketing through other dealers, but the equipment is really nice. You can read the message on the main board for a more thorough tour. I thought I would just go into the turning related stuff.

I like thier grinder. They have 3. 2 8" and one 10". I liked the small 8". Mosly because the motor is physically small so you could wear down the wheels further without the tools hitting the motor. It's variable speed which I didn't particularly like (something else to break) but this does give you the option of sharpening at slow of fast speeds.

The mini lathe looks an awful lot like the Rikon except it's 10" swing and 15" between centers. The bed seems a lot thicker and very well machined and cast. The top comes up and bottom has a hinged door for easy speed changes. One lathe is single speed motor with 5 pulleys. The other is variable speed with 2 pulleys.

Both lathes take bed extensions and there is a stand that resembles the jet stand.

The bandsaws are great except maximum height over the bed is 12" even on the 20". The dust collection on these are the best I've ever seen. all the wheels and uppper guide bar are completely adjustable so you can align these things to perfection. They also have a built in tension release.

I mentioned the dust collector in the other message. It comes standard with a 1 micron bag on top.

He said they hope to have a large lathe in the very near future, maybe 6 months but didn't give any specs. If it goes the way of thier other tools this will be a machine to look at.

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