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Bill Grumbine (Kutztown PA)
>Greetings all

Last night marked the end of my longest turning trip yet. SWMBO and I covered 2793 miles over 12 days, traveling through eight states and two time zones. I did four demos and met lots of very friendly people. But, I am tired! I get to "rest up" today which means I don't have to chop firewood or anything like that, and then start to get ready for a big show in a little over two weeks!

I met a number of people from the different forums, and narrowly missed a few. We practically drove past David Propst's place on the way down, but he had to do stuff like work, so we missed him and his family. I did get to stop by and visit the friendly folks at the Klingspor store in Hickory NC though. Some of my money stayed behind.

I took a bunch of wood with me, and brought a bunch back - all different of course! My host Harvey Meyer is now the happy owner of a number of Norway maple blanks, and I am in possession of a lot of curly walnut and mahogany stock courtesy of Peachstate Lumber, where I did my last demo.

Overall it was a lot of fun, as it has been with every single trip I have made so far. Even so, there is no place like home!


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