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Turning Exchange 2006 *LINK*

David Propst, Valdese, NC
>We are going to do the turning exchange again this year! For those of you who do not know what it is I’ll explain…

About a year ago I proposed an exchange of turnings for folks who hang here on Wood Central. It turned out to be a huge amount of fun with over 100 participants. Here is an almost inclusive gallery of the turnings exchanged.

The way the game works is I will randomize the list of players and send the names out in late and then send each player an e-mail with your recipients name and address. Player #1 will send to player #2, player number #2 will send to player #3 and so on. Who you’re receiving a turning from will be a surprise if it arrives before Jan 19 (see below).

If you want to play, please read the entire post and follow the instructions to enter!

Remember the basic rules are…

  • This is a fun exchange of turnings between friends, not an exchange of comparative value items or a contest.

  • All turnings are welcome: pens, hollowforms, bowls, stoppers, candlesticks, etc.

  • If possible, please sign your work and include a brief note about yourself and your turning

  • Turnings should be received by the week of Jan 15-19, 2007. Plan your mailing accordingly!

  • If you have a photo of the item you send, send me a copy to . I’ll put an album together on a webpage.

  • For international mailings, please use the U.S. Postal Service. UPS charges high fees to recipients of US Shipments

  • If you do not wish to participate internationally due to postage costs please let me know.

  • A list of all senders and recipients will be posted on Wood Central on January 19, 2007. Please try to send your turning to arrive before that date

  • If for any reason you are not able to participate, please let me know. There will be no hard feelings, I just want to make sure everyone is included!

  • You can't enter by posting that you want to play in the forum, I cannot catch all the posts!

  • The deadline to enter is November 20, 2006

  • After I receive your request to enter I will send you a confirmation e-mail within a few days afterwards.

  • If you would like your piece included in the photo album please send a copy of the pic and brief description to turningexchange@gmail.com

  • I will send out an e-mail to all players with your recipients name and address by December 1.


Please send an e-mail with the following information to turningexchange@gmail.com:

Name, Mailing Address, Zip Code, etc.
I could have bought a new bowl gouge if I had a dollar for all the e-mails I sent out last year asking for mailing addresses! :-)

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