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Vacuum Pump Help Please

Cyril Griesbach
>Several months ago I bought a Gast vacuum pump from the Surplus Center and a Oneway vacuum adapter for my PM3520B. Well, this afternoon I finally got around to begin setting some things up and I wired a cord and plug for the 220v outlet and removed the lathe hand wheel and put on the adapter.

Pump ran just fine, hose hooked from the inlet side of the pump to the adapter and pulled some vacuum. BUT there is not enough vacuum to hold anything. I put my hand on the spindle end (carefully because I didn't want to get stuck) and there isn't enough holding power for anything at all.

Checked as best I could for leaks (made some smoke), covered the spindle opening and couldn't find any. It wouldn't even pull any smoke into the spindle.

I know this isn't a complete setup yet but shouldn't it pull something tight to the spindle end.

Need some help here and offering my appreciation in advance.

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