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I Feel I Have Something That Needs To Be Said.-Lon

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>Anyone who has looked at my work will realize that I use traditional shapes and mostly unaltered wood. I turn what I choose because I like it; other turners turn what they like. It distresses me whenever we do not have tolerance for each others work whether displayed here, on WOW, in the AAW magazine or anywhere else.

The AAW magazine has often been criticized because of its "non-traditional content". I just finished going back through the last 5 issues. In every one there is a variety of styles from the basic, traditional classic work to the bizarre (not a negative). The articles range from basic to advanced. There is something for everyone just as it should be. I have never received an issue that didn't contain interesting, informative material. Just because I may not agree or appreciate everything does not mean there is anything wrong with the content. How boring would it be if every issue was aimed at one group of turners?

Wow has been criticized here for the same thing. This was easier to disprove. I realize using 108 photos is not a statistically defensible study but I feel that it does say something. There was a limit as to the time I was going to spend making talley marks. I used three classifications listed below with results.
#1- purely traditional shapes, solid un-embellished wood except for beads, coves, collars 66%

#2 Moderately embellished including, burning, dying, carving, etc. but still a traditional or close to traditional shape. 30%

#3 The definitely different, most of which had little resemblance to turning in any context of traditional (again, not a negative) 11%

Of course the criteria are mine and not created by committee.

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