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Photo questions *PIC*

Scott Hurley in N. VA
>I've just set up a photo booth using PVC pipe and a white bedsheet for the sides/top. However, I can't seem to get rid of the pink cast I get with the lights. I'm using 2 100-watt incandescent lights in reflectors, and the camera white balance set for indcandesccnt. Even with the florescent lights turned off in the room, I still get a distinct pink color in my pictures. I'm using a Nikon digital camera. In the attached picture, the top one is done in the photo booth with a white background, and the bottom one is done outside on my back porch in the morning shadow of the house with a grey background. Trying the grey background in the photo booth makes it even worse.

Do I need to get more reflective material for the sides/top of the booth (such as foam board)? Different bulbs? I tried the "reveal" lights and it was much worse. I've tried several different settings on the camera, as well as several different locations for the lights, but it always seems to come out the same.

Does anybody have any suggestions?



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