Turning Archive 2006

Yew bowl update, and a couple questions

Ellis Walentine
>Well, my original plan for the "cachunk" log went out the window today. There wasn't enough solid wood around the base of the stump to yield a continuous ring of wood, unless I wanted a rim that was a couple inches thick. So....

I Kept roughing until I got past a majority of the individual ridgelets or whatever you call those little buttresses on the sides of the main stem. I kinda like the way it's beginning to look. I opted for a flower shape instead of a trumpet shape, partly because of preference and partly because the surface of the blank seemed to want to go that way. How do you explain that kind of feedback/interaction with a workpiece?

Anyhow, here are a couple progress shots. I'm awed by the incredible grain across the bottom of the stump, to the extent that I had to step back and decide whether to turn two smaller bowls in bowl orientation instead of this monster in spindle orientation. The real beauty of this grain is going to be lost if I just hollow it out. An option would be to make it into a hollow form and get a lot of the endgrain figure back. Another possibility would be to core a blank out of the middle and then proceed with plan A.

The bowl at this point is 14" tall, 10" average diameter and 12 1/2" dia at the top.

Thanks for any suggestions.....


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