Turning Archive 2006

Follow up, classical vs radical new forms

>Recently we discussed designs and whether or not classical forms can win at art shows against the highly adorned pieces. All we see in the AAW mag is the ultra adorned pieces and we are led to think that that is what is hot and collectible. For those who need inspiration for continuing to turn the pure turnings, relying on turning skills rather than enhancements I am very pleased to announce that my pure turning, natural edge hollow form, has just won "Best of Show" at the Bascom-Louise Art Gallery in Highlands, NC. This show included all art forms and I am humbled to learn that my piece was chosen as best of show. My piece was made from big leaf maple burl and I relied totally on the art that was in the wood rather than what I could add. Folks, turn what you think is pretty and ignore what the mags try to say is what is "in". There are pieces of wood out there that have much more art in them than we could ever create.

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